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7 Lies I Told About My Psoriasis





1. It’s Eczema

It was always easier to say that the flaky, red patches on my skin was eczema. Most people have heard about eczema, but a lot of people have not heard about psoriasis. 35 Million people suffer with eczema in the US, while only 7.5 Million deal with Psoriasis. Therefore the platform for eczema is larger, and more common. I often wonder how many people assume they have eczema, but really have psoriasis. I realize that I did myself and my disease a disadvantage by lying about it. I think about the thousands of people I could have educated sooner if I would have told the truth.

2. I’m allergic 

I remember coming up with all types of excuses for my bad skin. One of my favorites was saying I had a bad break out due to lotion or perfume I used. After I would make that statement, there was no further explanation needed.

3. I’m anemic

The summer time has always been the hardest for me. While people are walking about half-naked, I was trying to find ways to cover up. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I had on a long sleeve shirt in the summer time, I would be rich. I would usually say the reason I covered up, was due to being anemic and always cold… Again avoiding the truth about covering up due to my skin.

4. It’s chicken pox scars

My psoriasis came full force after I had chicken pox’s at 7 years old. Psoriasis is due to an over reactive immune system that believes something is attacking your skin, therefore it thinks it must create as many skin cells as possible. It’s kind of like an over protective parent, that doesn’t realize that you really ARE OKAY, so they continue to be over-barring and protective lol. I would lie to people and tell them my scars were from chicken pox. Which may have been the truth in the beginning… But you can only fool kids your age with that lie for so long.

5. I don’t like swimming

I remember being 14 years old, and my friends invited me to the water park. I wanted to go so bad, but I knew I wasn’t ready to wear a swim suit. Well I went, but I arrived looking a crazy mess. I had on a black long sleeve shirt, with a long maxi skirt, and I slide down those slides all day long. But it didn’t go with out a bunch of stares. I’m sure people were trying to figure out why in the world I had all those clothes on at the water park. I probably would have been better off going in a swim suit and showing off my psoriasis. But from that point on when people would ask me to go swimming or to the beach, I would lie and say that I didn’t like the water. The truth was, I would have loved to go swimming, but I hated having to show my skin.

6. I don’t like people touching my feet

A lot of my friends have invited me to a girls day out that composed of manicures and pedicures. I would lie and say that I didn’t like people touching my feet to avoid having to show my psoriasis covered legs.

7. I don’t like playing sports or modeling

I stand at 6’2”, yes I am tall for a woman, I’ve been this tall since high school. People would often ask me why didn’t I model or play sports, and I would tell the same lie… “It’s just not my thing.” The truth is, I desired to play sports, but I didn’t want to wear the uniforms required to participate, because I knew that would include showing my skin. If I ever get medicine that puts my psoriasis in remission, I will try to model.

There are many other fibs I’ve probably told over the years, and if I think of some more I will post them. I realize that it’s easier to just tell the truth about your condition! People are a lot more accepting then you may think!

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10 thoughts on “7 Lies I Told About My Psoriasis

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  2. Though I have eczema,not psoriasis, I can definitely relate to these lies and excuse-making — especially the ones about always being cold, or hating the water/not liking swimming!

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  4. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one! My friends could never understand why I’m always covered up especially in summer time. I tell them it’s because I don’t want to get any darker/ tan and that I hate the sun!

  5. I have said it was burn scars, too. I just dislike sometimes having to explain to a total stranger all about psoriasis when I’m say, in linear the market. I sometimes would love to say “google it!” And walk away!

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