Dead Skin Doesn’t Mean a Dead Life. Have a Spa Day.

I’m 26 years old and due to my psoriasis I had never had a pedicure prior to this year. Those of you with psoriasis know why, some of you probably have had/have the same reservations I did prior to this year. Those of you without this disease may wonder why a young lady like myself would avoid such a feminine pleasure of having her toes scrubbed and painted by someone other than myself.

Up until last year I had never had a massage either… The obvious reason why I never had these services is clear. But let me explain to you the mental aguish as to why I had never had a massage or pedicure.

First and foremost I worried about the thoughts of the person who would be doing the spa service. I feared they may have not wanted to do the service or even worse would think I am contagious. Personally I was grossed out by my dry flaky skin. You ever heard the saying “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love others.” There is a similar ideal for my skin… If I wasn’t comfortable with my condition, how could I expect others to do so? I’ve lived with this disease for almost 20 years and still couldn’t face the fact that I was dealing with it. If I’ve known psoriasis for years and couldn’t accept it, how could I expect or believe that someone who didn’t know me would be ok with it.

Do you notice the biggest problem in all of this? It isn’t the spa tech’s who had the issue, it was ME. Since going to the spa I have been back several times and have had really good experiences. I can’t believe I was holding myself from such a feminine and glorious pleasure. Honestly, from what I can see, most people who work in spas have really good hearts, they seem to be more free and open to all people. I guess you would need to be this way when you work in a business that deals with naked bodies all day. lol

Here are some tips I’ve used, that you can also use to go the spa/salon and do so comfortably:

1. Call Ahead. Find a list of places you are interested in, look at reviews and call them. When you call, make sure to explain that you have psoriasis and you are a bit uncomfortable due to not knowing how the person providing the service will feel. See how the person at the salon/spa responds. In my experience most salons/spas know what psoriasis is and are very aware of it. But this tactic gives them time to inform the tech of your condition so they can research it if they need to before you come.

2. Tour the Facility. One you find a salon/spa you are interested in, go take a tour. Go see how much privacy you will received and how the rooms are set up. Some spas may have multiple people in one room while others have private rooms. See what works for you and what you will be most comfortable with. If you go to a place that has multiple people in one room ask the front desk when the best time is to come to avoid a crowd.

3. Take a friend or family member. It’s always good to have support. Make a day out of your trip to the salon/spa and take someone with you who you trust. If you get nervous or comfortable your loved one will be your moral support.

4. Find spa services that will come to your home. If you haven’t made it to the point where you can go out to a spa, find a company that will bring the spa to you. This may be a bit more expensive, but you can’t  put a price on feeling comfortable.

Are there other tips you can provide? Submit them to Alishabridges@hotmail.com and I will post them for you! If you use any of the tips, please let me know how it went.

To find a spa near you go to: http://www.spafinder.com/

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3 thoughts on “Dead Skin Doesn’t Mean a Dead Life. Have a Spa Day.

  1. Thank you for being one voice for so many. I am just coming to accept me for me and you are such a source of inspiration. As the holidays come the dreaded parry outfit is coming. I am trying to be strong and let the world see my smile instead. Thank you and god bless

  2. I’d be a little concerned about a spa day, not knowing what I was soaking in or what was put on my skin. My flareups are a bit unpredictable. If I soak in a warm bath I have to be careful what I put in with me and carefully pat myself dry. I’ve taken some natural treatment ideas from http://psoriasistreatmentcommunity.com with mixed results. Not all worked but none of them made flareups worse.

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