RE-BLOGGED: My child has psoriasis…


Here is a post from a fellow psoriasis conqueror! It touched my heart. Another reason why you should DONATE

Originally posted on Jessica and Psoriasis:

Today I would like to introduce Karen and her son Callum, they are currently both working extremely hard for people to gain a better understanding of psoriasis! They are both no newbie to media world either after appearing on the Food Hospital TV show a few years ago.

Here is their story…

Psoriasis-It’s a Family Affair!!??

In my family Psoriasis is a family friend or enemy depending on how you look at it. I have it, my mum has it, my dad has it, my Grandfather had it and so does my son-4th generation!! However my son wasn’t born with it and I had this naïve notion that none of my children would get it so it was still upsetting when he did. Even more so when he got it worse than I ever did at that age.

Watching people pull their kids away from your gorgeous child because they…

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4 thoughts on “RE-BLOGGED: My child has psoriasis…

  1. I have psoriasis for so many years now that I forget exactly how many. I can feel for the kid because it hampers your lifestyle and lowers your self esteem. Knowing that after every treatment the condition is going to recur is really unpleasant. Tried many treatments including home remedies. The best treatment for me though has been using the indigo naturalis skin balm.

  2. I thought psoriasis was a disease associated with old age but I was surprised to read their story. It really is heartbreaking to see kids suffer such serious skin disease. I have a 2 year old niece and I love her so much. Picturing her in those kids shoes just tears me up. I have read articles and seen pictures of kids as young as a toddler suffer from worst skin diseases like the eb disease. A disease that targets mostly kids in their early years. I hope soon there would be a preventive measure or a vaccine for infants to stop skin diseases like these from infecting the little angels.

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