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Week 1 and 2: 52 Weeks of a Healthier Me Challenge

downloadWeek 1: Drink 1 gallon of distilled water

So I am finished with the first week of my Healthier Me Challenge! And lets just say that this is the most water I think I’ve drunk in my entire life! The challenge actually became easier as the days passed by. Although Saturday and Sunday were a bit of a challenge, I only finished about 90% of my water those days. I plan on continuing this healthy change for the rest of my life. I hope by day 30 it will be second nature to drink a gallon of water. In my previous post I spoke about looking into a natural way to clear my psoriasis. My holistic consultant Nicole advised that distilled water would be best for me to drink.

So what’s the difference between Distilled, Spring, and plain old faucet water? According to here are the differences included with Nicole’s advice on each…

Spring Water

Water from an underground which may or may not be treated.

Distilled Water

Steam from boiled water and bottled. Kills microbes and remove’s water’s natural minerals, giving it a flat taste.

Facuet Water

Water that is regulated from the public water system. Comes from surface or underground water such as rivers, lakes, and resevoirs. Treated in a variety of ways.

Purified Water

Can come from any source. Essentially free of any chemicals. Treated in a variety of ways.

Here’s what Nicole (My holistic consultant) had to say about each option:

“Steamed Distilled is better because it is a pure water, [it's] flat water, which will leach out the metabolic waste/toxins in the body, but it will not leach out what is usable.”

“Spring water is ok, but not as great, depending on the location of the stream.”

“Faucet water is crappy, because the water treatments are horrible. If you have water running through rusting pipes that is kind of what will happen to your delicate body system.”

If need be, Nicole recommends boiling your tap water in a stainless steel, glass, porceline, or copper pot. She states that you should avoid aluminum or nickel pots, because the materials from these can seep into the water.

I will continue to research the water issue, because honestly it is a bit confusing.

WEEK 2: Exercise at Least 3 times this week

I have to admit, this week was a true challenge. I exercised one time this week, unless you include the wonderful Old School Party I went to on Saturday, where I danced and sweated like a pig. One thing I did learn this week is I really hate exercising, at least by myself. I had to reflect on this challenge to see how I can motivate myself to have the discipline to go work out. The gym I go to has group fitness options, so my next challenge will be dedicated to attending classes. I hope that will give me the power to get up and go. I’ll let you know how it goes.

WEEK 3: Attend 5 Group Fitness Classes

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2 thoughts on “Week 1 and 2: 52 Weeks of a Healthier Me Challenge

  1. Dang I have known you for a year, and I had to come on your blog to see what you look like without sleeves. Umm do it more often

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